Julianne Moylan is a highly regarded fiddle player, performer, recording artist & music teacher.

An All-Ireland Fiddle Champion, Julianne is steeped in the heritage and culture of Irish traditional music.  As a recording artist and performer, she has toured the US and Europe and made radio and television appearances in the UK and Ireland.  Julianne is now living, playing and teaching traditional music in Clane, Co. Kildare.

Happy New Year

I'm delighted to announce that Fiddlesticks has found a permanent home at Clane Academy of Music & Performing Arts.  I am teaching fiddle and whistle to add to all the instruments that Brian and the gang already teach there. It's a wonderful facility and I'm really excited about the year ahead.   

Get in touch about private classes or small group lessons - spaces are filling up fast. 

Julianne x


All settled into Clane now and am enjoying the sessions I've found in Clane,  Naas & Prosperous. Trad music is alive and well in this part of Kildare!

Ready to start taking on new pupils so get in touch if you're interested. 


Old Smoke

Looking forward to a weekend of music (& shopping!) in and around London this weekend. 

* O'Shea's, Luton with Kell on Saturday 28th @ 9pm

* The Garibaldi, St Albans with Pete Waters & Leo Fitzgerald @ 4pm 

Two very different but equally lovely gigs - If you're around, would be lovely to see you

Puck Fair's 400th Birthday

Delighted to be taking part in the 400th Puck Fair this year.  It promises to be a great weekend of music.  In between all the sessions I can possibly cram in,  I'm playing three gigs with Kell over the weekend - 

* Friday 9th August @ 10pm on the Puck Fair Stand 

* Saturday 10th August @ 1pm on the Mobile Stage in The Square

* Sunday 11th August @ 6.15pm on the Library Place Stage

If you're around, come down and say hello!

Blown away by Blazing Bows!

Blazing Bows is a collaboration of three of the best fiddle players around - Cathal Hayden, Tola Custy and Dezi Donnelly accompanied by John Joe Kelly on bodhrán and Ed Boyd on guitar.

I was lucky enough to catch them recently in Naul.  The Seamus Ennis Centre provided a picturesque and cosy setting for an evening of brilliant fiddle music and fine accompaniment.  They played a nice mix of old and new tunes with some great arrangements and outstanding harmonies.    

I particularly enjoyed listening to the three contrasting styles of fiddle playing.  Hailing from Tyrone, Clare and Manchester their styles are different and distinctive and it was a joy to hear them playing solo and as a group.   

A special mention must go to the group of young fiddle players who entertained us with two sets of tunes after the interval.  It was great to see so many young people (supported by their parents) getting involved.  Traditional music really is a wonderful thing for young people to be involved in and it was lovely to see them getting the opportunity to perform with musicians of that calibre.  I doubt it is something they will forget! 

The highlight of the evening for me had to be Cathal Hayden playing Splendid Isolation and Mrs Lawrie's.  Having heard him playing those tunes before you know it's going to be brilliant - you just forget how brilliant as the (thatched!) roof was blown off the place.  

I understand Blazing Bows may be recording later in the year.  I'd say it will be one which would compliment any traditional music collection and is certainly one I will be anticipating. 

If you love your traditional music watch out for them touring again later in the year - you won't be disappointed.  Fiddle playing really doesn't get much better than this.

Dublin Life

Loving life in Dublin.  Music scene is fab!  Regular trad session in The Old Punchbowl, Booterstown on a Thursday evening - all musicians welcome.  Interesting session in Mabos, Hannover Quay on a Friday night once a month.  You're unlikely to hear/ play  trad music in this kind of setting very often!